What is the Title Act?
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The first step toward LPCs and LMFTs being officially recognized as professions providing mental health services in Oregon came in 1989 with the “Title Act.” Essentially this act meant that only a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist could use those titles. The title act also created an oversight board (OBLPCT) to define licensure standards and policies and to discipline licensees who did not abide by those standards and policies. ​The title act did not, however, define the qualifications to use the LPC or LMFT titles, nor did it require that all LPCs and LMFTs be licensed. This meant that there were many professional counselors and marriage and family therapists who continued to practice without going through the licensure process and because the qualifications were not defined, LPCs and LMFTs were not yet eligible for reimbursement from insurance providers.