How does lobbying work?
Lobbying is a complex and multi-faceted process. A big part of it is maintaining long term relationships with legislators. Our lobbyists are in Salem throughout the year and are able to attend meetings with legislators, agency administrators and the governor’s office on behalf of COPACT. They keep us informed of any legislation or agency policies that might have an impact on LPCs and LMFTs. They let us know of any legislation that may affect our professions and we are able to respond quickly to avoid any serious problems. Because all of the COPACT board members have busy careers ourselves, we don’t have time to be in Salem throughout the year to hear rumblings and back door developments. Having a lobbyist there on our behalf keeps us all that much safer. Once a piece of legislation that we support or oppose becomes a bill, our lobbyist works with legislators to either get it passed, amended, or defeated.